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Download and follow the GPS, GPX guide tracks suggested by itrek.it, means being aware:

Directions and recommendations for safe cycling:

• No signs are positioned by us on the suggested routes.
• Minors must always be accompanied by a parent.
• The helmet must always be fastened.
• Respect the traffic rules.
• Keep trails clean and tidy.
• Always wear a helmet. Although it can be a little uncomfortable, especially in summer when it is hot, the helmet is an indispensable accessory that every good biker must wear because it can save your life in the event of a fall.
• Find out about the chosen route and its surroundings, make sure you have enough time to complete the entire route before evening. Don't stray from the path. It is useful to carry your mobile phone always charged, making sure that there is a field in the area where your path is located (We recommend installing the 112 app).
• Be objective in judging your level of physical training before starting the chosen path, and be aware of your physical limitations.
• Always inform someone else about the routes you intend to take during the day, especially if you venture alone, in which case use an APP to share your location.
• Always use the utmost caution, moderating your speed especially when going downhill and when cornering, and always be ready to see any obstacles by calculating a sufficient braking distance. The paths are also suitable for walks in the countryside or for trekking, so be careful of people on foot (they always take precedence).
• Bring plenty of water (or a salt supplement) and easy-to-eat snacks to keep your energy level constant. Unless accompanied by an expert guide, avoid eating the fruits of the forest and drinking water from the streams.
• Wear suitable clothing, with breathable fabric and above all suitable for the temperatures of the period. Be prepared for sudden thunderstorms, bringing a good raincoat.
• Check your bicycle before departure. In particular, it checks the tires (condition and pressure) because rough terrain can damage them. The unexpected can always happen, so bring a tire repair kit and a tools kit with various tools.
• Have respect for nature. Do not throw garbage on the streets or on the paths in the countryside and avoid unnecessary annoying noises.
• Always respect the signs, prohibitions and reports by observing the highway code. Avoid traveling on unmarked paths or roads.


I, the undersigned, declare to exempt itrek.it and other associations, structures and institutions that may be involved, from any type of liability deriving from the attendance of the courses and in any other initiative included on this site. The initiatives were carried out thanks to the passion for the bicycle and its contributors. For this reason, while doing everything possible to maintain the maximum accuracy and reliability of the information, we decline all responsibility for any errors, omissions, correctness of the gps routes (gpx), and any other information contained on this site.
itrek.it, is also not responsible if accidents occur on the suggested routes, including total or partial loss of equipment or damage to your bicycle. It is recommended to always keep in mind your level of training and follow the advice and suggestions contained on the site, to always pedal in absolute safety. Although itrek.it does not take care of the maintenance of the routes, and some tracks are periodically retraced, it is not possible to guarantee the practicability of all the paths that could become unusable due to the rapid growth of vegetation or erosion due to rains. For the aforementioned reasons, we are happy to share the tracks with you hoping that you can have fun in our area, but we will not feel responsible for the use you will make of it since nobody has forced you to download them.
Finally, the itrek.it staff reserves the right to modify or update the contents of the website, including routes and related descriptions at any time and without notice. However, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The participant in the initiatives declares under his own responsibility, to be in good health and to exonerate itrek.it from any civil and criminal liability related and consequent to the assessment of any accidents on the suggested routes, declaring to be in full faculty and in any case boasting suitable experience to face the above paths.