Take the world of your bike always with you:
with Itrek you can manage and browse in one app all
the data you need to pedal without surprises!

What is Itrek

Itrek is the most practical and smart way to manage the world of your bikes.
An app developed to make it easier to manage and organize all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, display the kilometers you have traveled, your statistics, alerts and much more.
Itrek is with you everywhere, on smartphones, tablets and PC.
If you're a bike enthusiast, you won't be able to do without it anymore!

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How it works

Itrek is really easy to use. Register now, create your profile and find out how easy it is to take care of your bike at the right time!

connessione Garmin

Connect Itrek to your Garmin or Strava profile: the system imports the data of your cycling activities and automatically sets the parameters that will allow you to always have your bike in perfect condition.

libretto manutenzione

Itrek creates an online maintenance booklet that is always up to date and accurate according to your mileage and the date, which informs you of all the work to be done on your vehicle. You can register more bikes!

storico menutenzioni

With Itrek you can visualize the next interventions, the maintenance history, the km travelled and much more. You can also filter the results to select a specific maintenance operation. Easy, isn't it?

Manage your maintenance

You can finally forget about the traditional bike maintenance booklet, where you had to enter the data every time you finished some route or did a periodic maintenance.
From now on, it's easier and more immediate with Itrek: you'll receive an alert that lets you know when it's time to service your bike.

Automatic mileage calculation

Itrek's innovative system, based on your data uploaded to Garmin or Strava, automatically calculates the kilometres travelled by your bicycles, so that maintenance can be carried out at well-defined kilometres.

You can also set Alerts where you are alerted when it is time to service certain components of your bike.

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The beta version, in computer science, is a version of a software that is not definitive, but already tested by experts, which is made available to a greater number of users, trusting in their unpredictable actions that could bring to light new bugs or incompatibility of the software itself.

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